TEXAS MUSTANG, a family owned and operated business was established in 1981 by Jerry Weaver, Richard Holzman, and the late Walter "Dick" Richard Holzman.  A hobby of the Classic Mustang lead the owners to launch TM 

In 2014 brothers Tony McEwen and Geoff Abel purchased the business with plans to continue to build and improve relationships with customers and enthusiasts.

The Mustang after-market has changed dramatically over the past few years, growing from Classic restoration into Late-Model performance and modification.  We are looking forward to providing the next generation of Mustang enthusiasts with the same exceptional customer satisfaction and quality parts at an affordable price. 

When you call you will be talking to someone that's been a customer, a Mustang owner, and will provide exceptional customer service.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with parts and accessories for your Mustang project! 


Thank you,

Tony McEwen

Geoff Abel